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Hey there, happy Friday!

This fantastic piece is by artist Lisa Congdon, and it’s available as a print at 20×200. I became a fan of Lisa’s work just a few weeks ago, when she tweeted a picture of herself wearing a Skyline necklace that she had just purchased at Rare Device. One look at her Twitter profile, and boom! instant mutual admiration society.

So, what are you all up to this weekend? Matt and I adopted a duck, and we’ll be spending our time attempting to build a ┬ápond for her, inspired by the images on this website.

Yes, we are now crazy duck people. But she is so pretty, and so smart! I’ve started collectively calling the chickens “the shrieking harpies” because they seem so mindless by comparison. Sorry girls.

Anyhoo, I’ll work through the rest of my livestock issues on my own. Here are some fun links to get you through to the weekend:

Double dutch dog. This puppy has more rhythm than three or four of me put together.

These DIY giant paper flowers are the coolest. Oh wait, these are pretty cool, too.

Ahh, vintage pottery from Hindsvik. Gimmee.

Must-read essay for any Sopranos fan.

Oh my. To be transported there. A floating movie theater. Caution: You will be filled with longing.

The Spring editorial for Summerland, shot by local photographer Anja Verdugo. Perfection.


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