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(“Bernal Heights” by Leah Giberson)

What are you all up to this weekend? I’m celebrating a friend’s birthday, working in the garden, and driving out to a local farm to look for another duck to keeps ours company. I’m also still thinking about a special dinner at my friend Diana’s house last night.

So first, the backstory: A few months ago, Diana was taking a trip east by train, and she met an Amish family from Wisconsin. She’s one of those warm lovely people who talks to anyone with ease, and so they all got along famously. Diana invited the family to come stay with her if ever they came to Portland. And what do you know, just yesterday they did!

So the whole adult family, Mom and Dad, their adult children and spouses are all staying at Diana’s house, and we had the most fun dinner together. The family all wear traditional Amish dress, and don’t drive or use computers. Our life experiences couldn’t have been more different, and yet we had so much to talk about.

Besides being a blast, the evening was a such a joyous sharing of cultures, and I was so thankful to be pulled out of my little comfortable Portland bubble.

Thanks for listening to my story, and with no further ado, some favorite links to keep you busy:

   Check out Leah Giberson’s etsy shop. She has some wonderful, affordable prints like “Bernal Heights”    above.

   Did you know that Apple had a clothing line in the 80s? If only I could pop my collar with such    conviction.

   This cool universal leg system can transform any old random thing into a piece of furniture.

   I’m nominating this for outfit of the year. Just gorgeous pattern mixing.

   Waveform necklaces designed from a recording of your voice.

   These little succulent candles are the sweetest! Perfect hostess gift.

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Hey there, happy Friday!

This fantastic piece is by artist Lisa Congdon, and it’s available as a print at 20×200. I became a fan of Lisa’s work just a few weeks ago, when she tweeted a picture of herself wearing a Skyline necklace that she had just purchased at Rare Device. One look at her Twitter profile, and boom! instant mutual admiration society.

So, what are you all up to this weekend? Matt and I adopted a duck, and we’ll be spending our time attempting to build a  pond for her, inspired by the images on this website.

Yes, we are now crazy duck people. But she is so pretty, and so smart! I’ve started collectively calling the chickens “the shrieking harpies” because they seem so mindless by comparison. Sorry girls.

Anyhoo, I’ll work through the rest of my livestock issues on my own. Here are some fun links to get you through to the weekend:

Double dutch dog. This puppy has more rhythm than three or four of me put together.

These DIY giant paper flowers are the coolest. Oh wait, these are pretty cool, too.

Ahh, vintage pottery from Hindsvik. Gimmee.

Must-read essay for any Sopranos fan.

Oh my. To be transported there. A floating movie theater. Caution: You will be filled with longing.

The Spring editorial for Summerland, shot by local photographer Anja Verdugo. Perfection.


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 Stunning work by the artist Yago Hortal, discovered via rackk and ruin.

What are you all excited about right now? I’m super freaking excited about the Mark Rothko retrospective opening at the Portland Art Museum today. It’s going to be hard, but I think I may wait a few days to visit, so hopefully it won’t be too crowded.

But mostly it’s the little things that I’m finding myself looking forward to, like as soon as I finish this blog post, my mister and I are getting coffee and going thrifting for some vintage dinner plates. Then we’re going to organize our garden seeds and plant some veggie starts. Thrilling stuff, but it makes my heart happy on this grey and rainy day.

So with no further ado, some favorites from the web this week:

   An app to make burglars think you’re still home when you’re not.

   This sounds like so much fun: Dig up your own Herkimer diamonds.

   The world’s tiniest, wee-est, most adorable chameleon.

   How companies learn your secrets, a super interesting read.

   Sweet and whimsical old world bathroom products.

   Gorgeous Art Nouveau apartments. How fun would it be to live in one of these!

   Another awesome app: It tells you your size in various brands, based on your body measurements.

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(Art by Brittany Bass, via Leif Blog. I also really love this piece.)

It’s a little grim here in Portland as the week comes to a close. Dreary grey and windy, and I’ve got the sniffles. But also: The robins are back! I hear their calls all day long now. And the daffodil tips are poking from the soil. And garden, I’ve got big plans for you, seeds are coming my way in the mail as we speak.

And all my stones from Tucson have arrived, I can’t wait to get lost in new designs. So actually, things here are good. Real good.

What about you? Any exciting signs of Spring in your neck of the woods ?

Some favorites from the week:

A taste of the runway

Oh hello, Lauren Moffatt Spring collection. One of each, please!

Adorable vintage illustrations. Surprise surprise, I think the pink one is my favorite.

Miss Moss talks about Marni, and I’m all ears.

A paint job that just doesn’t quit.

Woah. Would you, could you, wear these shoes? via Flavorwire

Where do your flowers come from? The slow flower movement.

I love my job. Once again, Emily from Filly says it far better than I ever could.

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Wow, is January almost over already? I’ve been spending a ton of time in the studio, and the days, they’ve been flying.

I’m off to the Tucson Gem Show next week, the biggest show in the country. I’ll be navigating its enormity for three days only, selecting stones and trinkets for upcoming designs.

I’m quite excited to go this year, I feel like my design perspective has evolved such that I will be perusing all the goodies with a fresh eye. Can’t wait to share photos with you all!

And with no further ado, some favorites from around the web:

Brilliant DIY landscape dress.

Got the winter blues? How to throw yourself a proper pity party.

Ooh la la, the streets of Paris.

Mondrian sandwich. Yummy.

Cross-stitch like you’ve never seen it before.

Woah woah gadgets. An interesting read.

Fantastic upcycling of old Polaroid cameras.

The best looking birdhouse I’ve ever seen. I’m thinking of moving in.

A collection of adorable Valentines Day cards.

Speaking of which, February 8th is your last day to order Minoux and receive your jewelry in time for V-Day.

Have a warm and cozy weekend!


Three Rivers enamel and leather necklaces, Territory Collection by Minoux JewelryOk, this is it, the entire new collection will be up on the site this Monday. The final lookbook pictures aren’t back from the developer until tomorrow, so forgive me if everything isn’t up bright and early Monday morning, but it will all arrive at some point during the day. One last little sneak peek up there, the Three Rivers necklace. And in case you missed it, the Olallie necklace is already live on the website.

Finishing this collection has been quite the endeavor—at least three rounds of edits and revisions, two lookbook shoots, (one all the way across the country!) and countless moments of self-doubt and questioning. I don’t know why this one has been so challenging, but I certainly have learned a few things along the way. Thank you for hanging in there with me!

With no further ado, some favorites from around the web:

   Genius: Annoying fruit label transforms into pesticide remover. Via Mark Bittman.

   Tips to keep your dark denim dark.

   Bright and fanciful jewelry by Denise Julia Reytan.

   A fantastic Japanese apartment building making the most out of a teeny tiny lot.

   Björk shows you the future. Via Where the Lovely Things Are.

   Mesmerizing lookbook film from Charlotte Taylor. Really beautifully done.

And ps: If you’ve been enjoying my many links to Mallory’s awesome blog Where the Lovely Things Are, please check out her predicament and consider throwing a buck or two her way if you can.

Have a cozy weekend!


Another little sneak peek from the forthcoming collection…

And just a couple of days left to win $100 to spend on Minoux jewelry over at the lovely Honey Kennedy blog, quick go enter!

Some favorites from around the web this week:

   Mini Metallica.
   Awesome DIY faux gold leaf jewelry.
   A beautiful Pinterest collection of abstract jewelry.
   Portland gets creative with bike racks.
   Lovely bags and look book from Collina Strada.
   Dreamy Fall wardrobe—that coat! Those dresses!
   A meditation on authenticity by Emily of Filly Designs. Are you reading her blog? You should be.

Happy weekend all, any fun plans? I’m painting some stairs dark olive green today, and will be editing jewelry photos all day on Sunday, so it’s just one big party over here. Maybe I’ll go crazy and get one of these to help the painting go more quickly.

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