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From the runway to the streets, easily my favorite look right now is Art Deco-inspired. An art and design technique that began in Paris in the 20s, Art Deco is all about clean luxury and geometric shapes.

The most recognizable design element of the Deco movement is linear symmetry —look for layers upon layers of, say circles that create a sunburst, evenly raised points to create a skyscraper, or corners like a staircase. This church in Oklahoma, built in 1929 and a National Historic Landmark, is a classic example.

What a beauty! The symmetrical, spiky spires are elegant yet subtle, and remind me a bit of the Coquille earrings, dontcha think?

Now the only question is, do you run with the 30s Paris vibe and deck yourself out in pin curls and a drop waist dress, or do you go for a more modern take with some skinny jeans and a draped top?

xoxo | Sally

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