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Alright, ladies, let me ask you a quick question: Where oh where do you put your jewelry? A gal like me is bound to accumulate a certain amount of chains and shiny things, and I am stumped for a cute way to store it all!

Or, I should say, I was stumped, until a peruse of Pinterest revealed a lot of cute, practical ideas I would never have thought of otherwise.

   This one is for those among us who are sporting arm parties and have loads of bracelets, and can also    be done with cool old  bottles.

   From the master, Martha Stewart shows us how to get it done with vintage teacups and saucers.

   Here’s an amazing re-use of vintage frames, for the craftier among us. Just gorgeous!

   And another one for clever gals, a jewelry bust from Design Sponge.

   Shadow boxes, for a more refined take on the vintage picture frame idea.

   This pretty ceramic egg crate from Anthropologie would be great for storing rings and delicate    necklaces.

   Here’s a personal favorite, as a bonafide necklace hoarder. A load of ideas from StorageGeek.

   Simple and inexpensive linen canvases (scroll down just a bit!)

   This one just makes me laugh. How cute would an old school Atari jewelry box be? Too cute, that’s    how.

How do you store your unruly jewels, dear readers? I would love to know!

xoxo | Sally

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  1. ErBear’s avatar

    I organize pairs of earrings in ice cube trays :)
    I have a skull tray & tiki tray that fit perfectly under a footed tray on my dressing table for favorite baubles. Also store them in regular old square ice cube trays in a drawer. Love your inspirations & links above, thanks!


  2. admin’s avatar

    Oh, ice cube trays are a great idea! I wonder if you could spray paint old metal ones, give them a fun color. Thanks for sharing!


  3. bigBANG studio’s avatar

    Oooh, Sally, these new(ish) pieces are so, so gorgeous!

    I have a white enameled metal jewelry stand that looks like a stand of coral that doesn’t take up any horizontal space on my dresser, so the vertical branches are beautiful draped with baubles. I think I got it at Anthro years ago. xo



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